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February 1999

Computing the Perfect Match
Edward Mijdam — Matching inks is becoming a high-tech operation. The author shows how computer-controlled blending can lead to higher print quality and greater efficiency.
January 1999

Beginner Flexographer: Shopping for the Right Slitter/Rewinder
Dave Rumson and Joan LeFrancois — Here’s a look at the myriad factors that must be considered when selecting slitting and rewinding equipment for your press.
December 1998

Stop Destroying Your Anilox Rolls!
Steve Tucker — The author provides an examination of the most common causes of anilox damage and some guides to reducing or eliminating their effects.
November 1998

Making It Stick
Anthony Foley — A look at how advances in stickyback formulation are making air bubbles and caliper variation a thing of the past.
October 1998

Product Trend Report: Folding Carton Presses
Mike DeRosa — An examination of the influences behind flexo’s strong progress in the folding-carton market.